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What is AirPlay?

AirPlay lets you stream music throughout your entire house wirelessly. AirPlay wireless technology will be fully integrated into speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems. So you can enjoy your entire iTunes library, every song and every playlist in any room and anytime!  

Hear everywhere at once!
Say you have one set of speakers in your bedroom, one in the office, and one in the living room. For the ultimate sonic panorama, you can stream your tunes to more than one room simultaneously, so you’ll never lose the beat, no matter where you are in the house. Just select “Multiple Speakers” from the speaker pulldown menu in iTunes. AirPlay works over Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection, or a combination of both. So you can stream music directly from your home network if you’re near an Ethernet port or connect wirelessly if you’re not. 

See all the details!
AirPlay does more than just stream your music to external speakers. It streams information about your music, too. Song titles, artists, album names, elapsed and remaining time, and album artwork all appear on AirPlay-enabled speakers with graphical displays.

Works with Ubuntu!
Do you know that AirPlay works with Ubuntu based Computers also with a little bit of configuring. This means that you can stream the contents from an iOS device to the screen of an Ubuntu computer. To know more on how to enable AirPlay in Ubuntu - read this article : Click to read!