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Enable Airplay in Ubuntu

If you are wondering on how to enable AirPlay in your Ubuntu machine from your Airplay enabled iOS device... follow the instructions below.

You need to install the 'AirPlay' plugin in the Totem Movie player.

Install the plugin with the below simple steps!

1) Cloning the repository:
Open your Terminal Window and type the command. This will get the plugin to your computer at the location (HOME > USER > totem-plugin-airplay).
git clone 

2) Copy the files from the above location to:

Note that you will have to have your folder options to show all the hidden folders to see the '.local' folder. Also, you need to create the new folders 'share','totem', 'plugins', 'airplay'and paste the contents into that.

Once this is done, you need to open the movie player. In that,go to EDIT > PLUGINS and enable the 'AirPlay Support'.

Now you are all set to stream the contents of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your Ubuntu screen! Have fun!