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How to avoid Common Cold?

Common cold is one of the most common distractions which we encounter in most part of our lives. This can be because of many reasons like allergy, dust, smoke, etc.

Based on my experiences and observations on common cold, I have come up with a 99.99% effective way to avoid catching cold!

The most common starting point of cold is after you sneeze for couple or more times. Once you are done with the sneezing, you will feel like some liquid is lightly coming out of the nose.

The trick is to avoid the formation or accumulation of more mucous inside nose. What you have to do is to run to the Restroom or bathroom and blow your nose gently so that all the mucous which had formed comes out of your body. You can ensure this by checking whether any mucous presence inside nose.

After sometime, you will realise that there is no more a tendency to get cold.

This is a very effective method tried and tested in my body. I believe none of the doctors in this world will let you know about this as they will lose cold patients.

Also, make sure that you don't take medicines to cure cold. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Share this link to your friends and family if you liked this information. Have a nice cold-free day!! :)